People steel wheelchairs stand out for their durability. We have made numerous trials and we can offer a lifetime warranty for the chassis and crosshead. But resistance is not at odds with comfort. These chairs have high performance and all the elements of comfort.

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Sillas de ruedas PEOPLE

Our Steel chair stand out due to the hardiness. The full tests allow DROMOS to offer a guarantee life for chassis and cross bar. But our hardiness is suitable with comfort due to the high performances of PEOPLE chair.

Even the hardiness the PEOPLE chair is manufactured with light materials. This chair is design for a long life therefore we can offer that guarantee.

Some of the significant advantages of our chair.

  • Long armrest with poliuretam foam
  • Small wheels for lifts, WC and reduced areas (Optional).
  • Crash tested. Certified for an easy transport in any vehicle.
  • Double cross bar till 160 kg.
  • Handles ergonomics and antiperspiration.
  • Comfortable upholstery. (width: 2 cm).
  • Available models “heavy duty” for people with weight necessities. Sizes of 51 to 57 cm of width.

DROMOS is specialized in the assessment to choose the right chair. All our models have the certifies and licenses that assure and guarantee the quality of our products



Our Wheel chairs are manufactured with high quality materials. We have all the homologations and licenses that guarantee their finishing. Also we collaborated with groups and specialists in design and manufacturing of wheel chairs. All focus on empower your comfort. Our people of R&D and innovation is thinking on you and in your necessities.


Our designs are charm and are in a continue process of innovation. Little details to improve your life-


Our chairs offer a remaining quality in the long term. Mechanical components have life guarantee.


All our chairs accomplish with the regulation of security, for regular uses and also to be carried in any transport vehicle.


The way on thinking on you.


Delivery in no more than 48 hours


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