Our mission: help you

In DROMOS EUROPE, SL we work for empowering your life-welfare and the self-action of people on rehabilitation or with disability diseases or limited mobility. We design, manufacture and distribute wheels chairs, scooters, rollators, matress anticrust…

Our View: your satisfaction

We are concerned about people that believe in our work to be satisfied with it. To give the appropriate answer to their confidence with products that provide the quality required. Everyday we exert ourselves to achieve it, making everything and even more. We work with the best raw materials and we are deep into an ongoing improvement process with the research and innovation and our commitment with the social corporate responsibility is solid.

Our Target: your recognition

Following our path we are getting step by step the public recognition are we are becoming in an organization as reference for everybody involved in the rehabilitation, the disability and reduced mobility. Our power is the motivation and our destiny, the excellence.