The Alai scooter is a high-end product that combines design and comfort. It is easy to dismantle, so it is very easy to carry and store it. Its low profile wheels make it easy to roll. Availability of multiple accessories.

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The highest performance, design and comfort

Detachable for easy transport and storage.

The Dromos ALAI Scooter combines design, comfort and the highest performance at the service of the user. It is easily dismantled (even the basket, made of folding plastic), making it very easy to carry and  store.

Some advantages of the ALAI scooter:

  • Comfort seat and backrest

  • Low profile wheels for easy rolling
  • Wheels to avoid leaving marks on delicate soil
  • LED Lights & Brakes

  • Possibility of dismantling for storage or transport

  • Availability of multiple accessories


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